I’ll be attending the CHI 2009 conference over the next 4 days and I’ll try my best to blog about my experience. This is my 3rd CHI and one that I didn’t decide to go to until just a few weeks ago. Right now, I’m in the main ballroom (really pretty btw) and listening to the standard ACM talk that’s at every CHI.

The CHI community is a funny one to me. I find it quite ironic that it’s a gathering of over 3000 technologists who are ostensibly interested in the new vistas of technology and interaction and yet it seems so old fashioned and not in touch with using these actual technologies. There seems to be some decent activity on twitter which is encouraging but I struggled to find any decent blog coverage of CHI last year so I’m going to be doing my best this year.

The keynote is about to start so I’ll end my first post here.