If you cross a camera with a computer, you’ll end up with a computer. If you cross a car with a computer, you’ll end up with a computer. If you cross a phone with a computer, you’ll end up with a phone.

Communication trumps computation as the dominant category.

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    The UK is among the few countries in the world that still has a very dominant capital-centric advertising hub. Wind back 20 years and there was a broad split of our industry into “London” and “regional” categories, along with an apparently neat logic …

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    Zynga has created the perception that it is the all-powerful dominant
    game publisher on Facebook, and few companies really want to challenge
    it on its home turf in social network games. But Sean Ryan, director of
    game partnerships at Facebook, …

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    These words have been drawn from a number of varied categories. … the worlds of politics and technology have provided us with the dominant neologisms. …

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    Its sustained dominance in the segment amidst intense competition is
    primarily due … of venturing into other fast growing food and beverages
    categories; …