Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working on a small side project which I’m finally ready to announce:

The Product Design Guild is a space where designers bring in the work they’re doing in their everyday jobs and engage in a collaborative design process with other designers.

To find out more & sign up, please visit:


If you can, I would appreciate it if you could pass this on to any designer friends you may know, especially those in the bay area who are freelancers or working as the sole designer at a startup. We are hoping to making this a resource that improves both the quantity & quality of designers in the Valley.

  • http://twitter.com/japherwocky japhy bartlett


  • http://twitter.com/Knewton_Sara Sara Petry

    this might not be the best place, but I couldn’t find any better information on the site … I’m a former designer/front end developer -turned product manager out in NYC … is there a way to start a NYC group of the guild? I could just create a meetup, but it would be cool to have an affiliation since this group already exists.

    • Hang

      Hi Sara,

      Can you email me at [email protected]? I’m talking with some NY folk right now about setting up PDG NY and I can loop you into the conversation.

      • Lane Halley

        Hi Hang and Sara, I’m also in NYC and would be interested in getting something started. – lane

  • Ross Lee Graham, PhD

    It is interesting to see an open-source type invitation is offered in a highly competitive field laced with industrial secrecy. Like artists and musicians, so much of the individual ego is involved it is more than likely for this offer to be ineffective. Artists and solo musicians tend to seek admirers, not partners on the same track. A librettist and composer might found a working partnership, but to display all your individual efforts in a manner that would allow others to copy them leaving less credit for you seems to be an idea that is still-born. It may be that in your learning years this sort of exchange of ideas when nobody is really interested in what you are doing…might help make you more interesting. The Disney line now used in all American banks and post offices, etc., is a Public Domain idea. Note that you cannot copyright an idea, you can only copyright the way it is expressed. If it is a product then we get into patents. Public Domain is not usually a goal for individual creativity. This admonition does not preclude the possibility of discussing the tools of creative productivity. One of the myths of American society is teamwork. That may work well with football and assembly lines, but it will never work for those who seek celebrity as an individual. Yes there are football celebrities, but if every player was trying to be a celebrity there would be no team.