It’s becoming increasingly obvious to me that my pen & paper sketching abilities are a joke. I asked around about tips to improve my sketching and one person on Quora said:

“Beginning students of architecture (at Cal Poly SLO) are required to sketch a chair—the same chair—everyday for ten weeks. At a certain point, you’ll begin to recognize elements you didn’t notice this before”

Seems like a fun challenge to me! Except instead of a chair, I’m going to sketch my watch. This also seems like a perfect excuse to try out Posterous for reals so you can follow my progress on Posterous (aka: laugh at my patheticness).

  • Venkat

    A watch is actually significantly more difficult than a chair due to the complexity of the flat features. Your attempts so far are quite decent actually.

    A chair is one of the standard examples in the 'right-brained drawing' method I blogged about last week, because its wire-frame-like structure creates lots of negative space 'holes' etc. Drawing by shading the negative space rather than by outlining the positive space, is one of the easiest and most effective techniques I've learned. You may want to try that with the outline of your watch, but the inner details will be hard to get at that way. Another great technique is upside down drawing, but that won't work with watches (works great with portraits from photographs though… idea is to short-circuit the recognition parts of your brain).

  • Tobias Prinz

    Go for it. One of my best friends is, well, to put it mildly, quite far away from physical work. He's the one I got in mind when someone else says “everyone can do such a simple thing” and I protest.

    Yet he decided to learn drawing and he succeeded. What he does great is analytical thinking (oh, an IT guy, surprise!). So he went at it the hard-core way: Professional instruction with all the theory. And lots of practice.

    You're doing the practice thing already, but get some good instruction also. Sketching is usually an introductory course at most universities and some of the distance-learning ones are actually pretty cheap.

    As an IT guy you probably already know the value of professional tutelage and you can value the time you save, so I'd recommend trying that in addition to regular practice.

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