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Software as a backdrop:

by Hang

We must first recognize that what a town or building is, is governed, above all, by what is happening there. […] Those of us who are concerned with buildings tend to forget too easily that all the life and soul of a place, all of our experiences there, depend not simply on the physical environment, but on the patterns of events which we experience there.

– Christopher Alexander, The Timeless Way of Building, p62

Software is not about code, it’s about experiences. It’s about people doing things. Your software should serve as a backdrop to this, an enabler and a force multiplier. But keep in mind that software is never the center of the show.

Stop thinking about your product in terms of code, in terms of technology and features. Instead, your software is stories, it’s actions and people doing stuff. If you haven’t got people doing stuff, then you don’t actually have software, just a bunch of bytes sitting on a server. When people change the stuff they’re doing, your software has changed.

As a designer, you need to be always mindful that you’re designing spaces, it’s up to the users to inhabit them.

August 1 2008

Linking food to oil, who’s fucking smart idea was that?

by Hang

Biofuels have taken off in the last year as prices for oil have soared and corn lobbies have realised another clever gig. Predictably, food prices have soared in conjunction and the media is filled with baffled reporters raking in the easy dough producing sappy human interest pieces. But, seriously… who couldn’t have predicted this would happen?


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