Bumblebee Labs is a new software company dedicated to understanding how people tick, and using that to build smarter and more graceful social software. We’re in the experimental phase right now, so we’re still trying to pin down exactly what it is we’ll be working on and how we’re going to be presented to the world. We’ve got a full slate of interesting ideas and concepts and not enough time in the world to execute them so it’s going to be an interesting experience.

At Bumblebee Labs, we strongly believe in the open design process. As designers and engineers, we learn from the examples of those who have gone before us. To progress as a field, we believe in a community which is open and willing to share every stage of design, warts and all. The Bumblebee Lab blog is an experiment in living under the self imposed withering flashlight of scrutiny, and hopefully, learning from it.

We’re going to opinionated, slightly irreverent and above all, human. It’s going to be a fun ride…

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